​​​M  o  x  i  e  M  o  v  e  r  s  .  c  o  m                              

                                                         EST. in Richmond Va 2011      


"Moxie Movers Means Muscle and Manners"

Our mission is to reconcile the two opposing forces of brains and brawn.

 When this is accomplished, it translates into value for our

customers who may have previously been forced to choose one or the other. 

   On moving day, you will be working directly with your crew to coordinate and guide them.

That's why my primary focus is on who you will be spending the day with.  

The qualities our customers most commonly praise are:

 A "Can Do" attitude> They felt that their crew of movers were there to work.

Communication>   Effective communication is critical to a successful move

 Trustworthiness> They felt their movers were honest, careful, courteous, and communicative.

 Accommodation> There was something that required a little extra care and the movers were happy to oblige. 

 Priority> They felt that their move was important to the company, and were treated as such.  

What you can expect from Moxie Movers

> You can expect a crew of movers who are there to work.

> You can expect your crew of movers to be honest, careful, and courteous.

> You can expect your crew of movers to be accommodating.  

> You can expect the crew to be well equipped with, tools, blankets, dollies, handtrucks , and straps.  

This means :

•Your furniture is wrapped and protected in blankets.

Furniture is placed where you want it, and boxes go to their designated rooms. 

•Beds,cribs and other furniture, if necessary, can be disassembled and reassembled.

My Experience: in Brief

     My name is Jesse, I started studying at VCU in the 90's .I don't know how to write this this without writing a book, so in short, I have been moving for twenty-one years
In Maryland, D.C, New York, Philadelphia, and Richmond. I have "done it all," twice.  

                                                                                                                                     See RATES