​​​M  o  x  i  e  M  o  v  e  r  s  .  c  o  m                              

                                                         EST. in Richmond Va 2011      


Hourly rate for 3 men,  

equipped w/ truck + fully insured  
$133 per hour 

-  There is a 2 hour minimum after which we will prorate to the fraction of the hour.

-  Card payments incur a 3% premium
-  The only charge added to the hourly rate is the flat $20 fuel/mileage charge.

( Hourly rate x time used ) + flat fee of $20 = your total

Average Move Times w/ travel*

1 Br apt 2-3 hours
2 Br apt 3-4 hours

*Homes by Sq feet  1200   4-5 hours
                                1500   5-6 hours
                                1800   6-8 hours
                                  2400   9-11 hours

​We have larger crews available for larger jobs, 4 guys is $149 an hr. (reserved for all day moves)

*Travel time is a fixed amount of time added for travel before
and after a job.  It is a standard charge in the moving industry 

          Ashland: 15 min
         Short Pump: 20-30 min
Mechanicsville: 20 min
       Midlothian: 30 min
      Petersburg: 30 min
       Powhatan: 30-45 

For Example
You are moving from Richmond to Midlothian.  

We arrive in Richmond at 9 am. We load, drive and unload finishing in Midlothian at 12pm.

That's 3 hours of labor, then we add the .5 hours of return travel from Midlo to Richmond = 3.5 hours.
(3.5 x $133) +$20 = $485

That's it. No surprises.  

For an estimate or to make a reservation, give me a call.  We will discuss rates & availability for your move

804 928 1111

You can also email diretly if you prefer moxiemovers@gmail.com