Terms Of Coverage & Service

     The hourly rate includes Cargo, Gen. Liability and Workmen's Comp. insurance.

There are a few types of damage for which we do not accept liability.  

We do not accept liability for...

  1. Anything made of particle board, I.E. IKEA furniture. These tend to fall apart in our hands and crumble in transit.
  2. Lamps that are unboxed, floor lamps.  If they are not boxed lamps should really go in your back seat.  Floor lamps, please pack the shade in a box.  
  3. Pictures and mirrors are not covered unless they are in a box. (Glass and Frames) We will wrap them in moving blankets if unboxed. This is how we transport 99% of them and they are fine 99.9% of the time.  Occasionally a piece of glass will break . Boxing these things really is the right way to do it but its time consuming and expensive and nobody (customers) ever does it.
  4. Any Items in a box not packed by ourselves.  Theres no way for me to know its prior condition.
  5. Any items in an open box that was not taped or sealed properly.  I have picked up a box full of dishes with no tape on the bottom and had them all fall out and break more times than you would think.  Tape them up good!
  6. Any furniture assembled by the owner, (IKEA) to include any damage caused to an interior by the collapse or disintegration of such an item.  You know those leftover screws after you put something together yourself...
  7. If we load a truck or POD going out of town, our insurance does not apply once that freight is out of our hands.
  8. Televisions.  If the television is not boxed We cannot be responsible for any damage that occurs while moving it.  It is a sensitive piece of equipment and should be protected.  FYI  We have probably moved 10,000 unboxed TVs in the last 5 years and have had reported damage on about 10.  If you dont have the TV box we will wrap it in moving blankets and strap it to the wall.  Just know you taking the 1000 to 1 chance something might go wrong.
  9. Damage must be reported in 7 days

Terms Of Service

  1. We do not move or haul trash.  
  2. If your home is extremely unsanitary we reserve the right to refuse service partially or completely.
  3. We do not move hazardous materials like gasoline, paint or propane.
  4. If you cancel a reservation less than 6 days ahead of time you will be subject to a cancellation fee of $258.


     Damage is rare for us but it does happen.  If it does, the issue will be resolved quickly and I will try to keep the process as simple as possible.  

If damage occurs, call me and we will establish whether or not the damage was a result of negligence on our part.  If so we will proceed through the 3 R's

Repair-  I will have damage repaired professionally and it will cost you nothing.

Replace-  If repair cannot be made, and a comparable replacement is available to purchase, I will do that.  

Reimburse- If neither repair or replacement is an option you will receive comnpensation for the damages.  Compensation will be for the market value of the item,  It's value is determined by the amount for which the item could be sold, rather than bought.  

     Damage to the interior is handled in a very similar fashion.  Except there is only one R.  Repair.  If we damage the interior of your home and it is due to negligence on our part there is a general liability policy to cover the damages.  I have never had to use it.  Most likeley the repairs will be minor and I will hire a professional to come over and make the reapirs at no cost to you.


​​​M  o  x  i  e  M  o  v  e  r  s  .  c  o  m                              

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